Case Study: How to Maximize Rental Income

Multi-Unit Investment

Case Study: How to Maximize Rental Income

Maximizing Returns: A Multifamily Real Estate $190K Success Story
In the dynamic world of real estate, strategic decision-making can turn a stagnant investment into a lucrative venture. In the case of our anonymous client, “Matt,” a savvy multifamily real estate investor, his partnership with Folio Real Estate Group’s property management company MV Properties became a game-changer. Within just one year of collaboration, Matt witnessed a remarkable transformation in his portfolio, experiencing a substantial increase in annual income of over $190,000. Let's delve into the details of this success story.

The Initial Situation:
When MV Properties took over Matt’s three 14-unit buildings in North Park, the first step was to assess the existing inefficiencies. A well-known national firm that managed Matt’s properties had overstaffed them. A full-time handyman and onsite managers were on the payroll, impacting the overall profitability of the portfolio.  For smaller properties, these services can be hourly or part-time. 

Rent Strategy:

One key factor contributing to the success was a strategic approach to rent management. Most of Matt's rents were significantly below market rates. MV Properties implemented a carefully crafted rent increase across the board, adhering to the latest tenant laws and regulations. This move was supported by renovations and updates to units as they turned over, allowing for justified rent hikes.


The impact of these strategic decisions was staggering. Within one year of MV Properties taking charge, Matt’s monthly income witnessed a phenomenal increase, climbing almost $16,000. When annualized, this translated to over $190,000 in additional revenue. The transformation represents a significant boost in the overall health and profitability of Matt's real estate portfolio.

Financial Analysis:

The success story goes beyond the immediate income boost, but includes a substantial value created. Properties are valued based on their Net Operating Income.  Based on a 4.25% cap rate, an increase in net operating income of $190,000 equates to a value creation of almost $4.5 million dollars!  While Matt has no immediate plans to sell, this increase in property value showcased the long-term wealth-building potential of strategic real estate management.
The value creation will also help him obtain much more favorable financing in the future, either for these properties or for future acquisitions.

Boutique Property Management Attributes:

What makes MV Properties a top-tier property management company?
•    Tenant-Centric Approach: MV Properties focuses on providing a great tenant experience, ensuring consistency in service.
•    Financial Savvy: Proficient management of contractors and operations budget ensures profitability, safeguarding the investor's bottom line.
•    Strategic Rent Management: Understanding the market dynamics, MV Properties navigated rent increases within legal frameworks, maximizing returns.
•    Proactive Renovation Strategies: Initiating renovations during turnovers enhances property value, contributing to sustained profitability.
•    Client-Centric Mindset: MV Properties prioritizes client satisfaction, understanding that their success is the bedrock of our company.

Client Satisfaction:

The success of any property management company lies in its ability to serve clients and help them build wealth through real estate. Matt’s experience with MV Properties exemplifies this commitment. The company's dedication to maximizing returns and providing seamless, profitable expertise for clients was evident in the impressive results achieved within a short timeframe.

March 2024 – a Great Time to Change Your Property Managers

MV Properties increased monthly income by addressing inefficiencies, implementing rent increases, and focusing on tenant experience, which added significant market value to the overall portfolio. 

For real estate investors considering a change in management, Matt's success story is a compelling example of the transformative power of partnering with the right firm. His journey from underperforming properties to a thriving real estate portfolio is a testament to the impact of strategic property management. 

For more information, contact Keegan McNamara at 
[email protected] 

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Multi-Unit Investment

Case Study: How to Maximize Rental Income

Savvy multifamily real estate investor's partnership with Folio Real Estate Group’s property management company MV Properties became a game-changer.

Multi-Unit Investment

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